Seán Ó Dálaigh is a composer/performer from and based in Kerry, Ireland. His music is concerned with things like space, silence and the physicality of sound production. He has recently been engaged with a personal investigation of his practices relationship to place, heritage and the Irish language.

His practice includes writing for ensembles and musicians, composing for/collaborating with and performing in contemporary theatre and dance works and performative installations incorporating improvisation, electronic music and audience participation.

photo: Miriam Kaczor 2019

He has worked/work-shopped with, among others, RETRO DISCO, Switzerland, The Zafraan Ensemble (Berlin), Ensemble Meitar (Israel), DissonArt Ensemble (Greece), the Asko|Schönberg ensemble (Amsterdam), Musicatreize (Marseilles), the Kirkos Ensemble (Dublin), the Niuew Ensemble (Amsterdam), the Kelvin-Helmholtz ensemble, (The Hague/Amsterdam), Amit Dolberg, piano and Yoonhee Lee, violin. His works have been performed in Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and Switzerland. As an improviser he has performed in Cafe OTO (London), the Dublin Dance Festival (2018) and at KFest Arts Festival (Kerry, 2018).

In January 2018 he founded the arts collective, éisteacht, for the production and dissemination of new work centred in rural Ireland related to practices of Listening. Their first production, ‘(de)nature’ was programmed at the KFest Arts Festival in Killorglin, Kerry, 2018, where it was selected as a finalist up for the Screaming Pope Prize.   

He was awarded a commission from the Music Current festival in 2019 for premiere the following year. He won the Chamber Music on Valentia composers competition in 2018 and presented a sound installation as part of the festival in the lighthouse on Valentia Island, Kerry. He was a recipient of the 2016 Next Generation Bursary from the Irish Arts Council, one of 16 in the country selected across all disciplines as well as other individual artist bursaries and commissions in 2017 and 2018. He is currently represented by the Contemporary Music Centre under the Emerging Composers Scheme. 

He has most recently studied composition with Jennifer Walshe. Before this he studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Richard Ayres and Wim Henderickx, graduating with a master’s degree in composition in 2015. He attended the one-year course at the institute for Sonology in Den Haag in 2015/16.

He has been invited to present work at several international festivals and workshops including the Music Current Festival in Dublin 2019 with RETRO DISCO and Steven Takasugi, the CEME festival and workshop 2018 in Tel Aviv with Ensemble Meitar and Georg Friedrich Haas, the Mixtur Festival, Barcelona 2018 with Rebecca Saunders and also the same festival in 2016, the Labiritmo Composers workshop 2017 with Yannis Kyriakides, Sardinia, and the TENSO composers workshop 2015.