'(de)nature' performative installation.

Seán Ó Dálaigh - composition/instrument design/performance

Padraig Daly - photography

Daniel Sexton - plant-based sculpture

1st production of the éisteacht collective

1st - 3rd June 2018, Killorglin, Ireland, KFest Arts Festival

The term 'denature' refers to biology. It means to take away or alter the natural properties of. Here we are taking elements and placing them in a space in such a way that questions the concept of nature and the natural. In this space we hope to denature the so-called 'natural' elements and renature the supposed 'unnatural' elements. The 'unnatural' elements are usually imagined as strangers in the traditional concept of nature (as a pristine wilderness separated from urban environments). Here they include concrete, steel, wires, chains, rope, aluminium sheets, scaffolding, rubbish. We are facilitating an experience which embeds them in a broader and more inclusive concept of nature.

The plant-based, living sculptures are placed at intervals in the space. They refer to the so called 'wildernes's outside but are here chained, constricted and hung from the ceiling. The space strangles them and they can only survive in here with our assistance, yet they also break up the space, bringing the 'natural' back in. 

The series of photographs explore items of human industry and consumerism abandoned in Nature. This is the perceptual reverse of the organic sculptures and together they from a bridge to the each other within the space. 

The custom made bell plates resemble sheets of metal used in the construction industry and they ring with a transcendental ambience, seemingly lasting forever. The tradition of architecture and construction in the West strives for these seemingly indestructible objects. We are all too familiar however with derelict or unfinished and abandoned buildings and spaces in our time which lay waste to this idea.

We have arranged a space for listening to/with the environment. If we can see new beauty/value in everyday objects then we will be automatically more conscious of them and importantly, where they go as waste products when we are finished with them. In this way this piece is an ecological statement.  

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photography by Padraig Daly @padsb