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for fixed media, composed for the 2018 Chamber Music on Valentia FestivalIn response to the work of Marine Biologist, Maude Delap 


Edge is imagined here as the liminality of tide where land and sea meet creating a cacophony of critters for the senses, like the "heroic jumble of books, specimens, aquaria, with its pervasive low-tide smell", described by Maude Delap's nephew in response to his experience of her laboratory. 

Maude Delap was a self taught marine biologist from Valentia Island in County Kerry, Ireland. She was the first person to successfully breed jellyfish in captivity in her homemade laboratory. 

The sound track is made up of processed field recordings from on Valentia and in the surrounding waters. These undergo fragmentation and re-synthesis to create and entanglement of the under and overwater materials.