'folachas (dark landscape)'  with the Scotia Ensemble.

A commission for new work for string ensemble and electronics. 


Supported by the Music Commissions Award from the Irish Arts Council and the Creative engagement in Communities Project from Kerry County Council and Creative Ireland


Heritage Week, August 23rd + 25th, 2019, Killarney House, Kerry, Ireland. 

'Folachas (dark landscape)'

Folachas’ in Irish means 'something hidden or obscure'. In this work I started by making recordings outside in nature. In these I was looking for 'dark' or hidden materials and meanings. Ghosts in the landscape. To achieve this I used contact microphones that picks up vibrations inside objects and an experimental, electromagnetic and radio receiver which renders light and electricity into sound waves, the SOMA Electronics, Ether. EMF recording equipment often used by ghost hunters.  

The other ghost in the work is that of Vivaldi and the music of Baroque times. Composed in response to the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, this work attempts to portray a contemporary representation of landscape through sound and music. Echoes (ghosts) of Baroque contrapuntal music are interweaved with the hidden, sonic landscapes of the electromagnetic spectrum and material vibrations.