'rural electrification' excerpt from 'Muintir' with the Zafraan Ensemble,

Apr 21st, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, MIXTUR FESTIVAL 2018

This interview was conducted with Patsy O'Sullivan in his home in Bonane, Kerry, Ireland in January 2018. In it he describes the effect of the rural electrification project which was rolled out in Ireland in the 60's to bring electricity to most remote areas. 

In this piece I have put the recording of the voice through two filters. The recording has literally been put through a band pass filter which tracks the spectral energy of the formants in Patsy's voice. The interview has then been 'filtered' through the instruments who create a sort of translation of his voice.

This is a prelude to a larger work, Muintir which is being composed at present and will be made up of many interviews with people from the South West of Ireland and set for a large chamber ensemble.